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"Reaching out to the Stars". Credit: ESO/B. Tafreshi (


Chile Mobile Observatory



Post images taken by some of the world’s most powerful telescopes on Facebook or Twitter. Or send them by email. Share the infinite beauty of the universe as seen through the crystal-clear skies of Chile.



Rank the images on Chile Mobile Observatory and join thousands of users across the globe in picking the very best Chile has to offer.



Gaze at the wonders of the universe through Chile Mobile Observatory (CMO), a collection of the best images captured at world-renown observatories located in Chile (ESO, ALMA and CATA among others). This unique window on the universe is perfect for astronomy lovers and all those who marvel at the astonishing beauty of the cosmos.

About Us

Chile enjoys unique, optimum conditions for astronomical observation. The combination of winds off the Pacific Ocean, desert landscapes and high altitude make Chile a land ideally suited for such endeavors. To bring this work to a broader audience, Imagen de Chile has created Chile Mobile Observatory, an App that provides a window on the universe from the small strip of land known as Chile.

The images provided have been captured by some of the world’s largest, most advanced observatories. These facilities are located in Chile, thanks to the fabulous natural conditions the country offers for astronomical observation. Contributing observatories include ALMA, ESO (La Silla, Paranal, Llano de Chanjnator - APEX), CATA, among others.

All images contained in this App belong to the observatory of origin, as duly noted. The distribution of these materials respects the intellectual property rights and policies of each institution.